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Time Trialling: The Purest form of Racing

Strictly speaking, British Cycling is not the mainstay of timetrialling in the UK. That is run by our sister organisation, Cycling Time Trials. You ride a time trial on your own, setting off at minute intervals. The beauty is that most timetrials are a set distance, 10 miles, 25 miles and more. Which means you can track your progress week by week.

Time trials can be an easy way to start racing and most local clubs hold “Club 10s” on weekday evenings through the summer. You don’t have to enter in advance for an evening 10 but do need to if you want to ride an Open eenet. Open events are much like Britisgh Cycling rcaes, they are usually at weekends and there is a formal entry process. The Events page on the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) site can be found here: CTT Events

British Cycling time trials usually happen in stage races although there are a few stand alone ones. The most notable being the National Championships held for men and women each year. If you have seen Hayley Simmonds or Bradley Wiggins wearing the National Stripes in big races, then they would have won them here.

One thing to note, if you do ride a BC time trial your bike will have to be UCI compliant. For CTT time trials there is very little regulation in terms of the bike, a bit like triathlon. But a time trial under BC rules requires specific regulations. These are surprisingly complex and you need to check the UCI guidelines. They change regularly so we haven’t listed them here. If you are progressing to riding time trials under British Cycling rules then the best thing is to talk to people already doing it. Coaches of top riders will often know too, as do people you ride the pursuit on the track as the same rules apply.

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