Madeline Verdegaal

Clubs and Groups Developer - South Region

I am the Clubs and Groups Developer for the South region and am excited to support clubs and coaches in their development. My introduction to cycling begun when I tested a road bike from my local bike shop. Being naturally competitive, it wasn’t too long until I was convinced to enter my first circuit race as a junior. I am still racing road and circuit National events but really just love the feeling of improving myself and the freedom of being on two wheels.

I have been involved with sport coaching in many different capacities since 2011. More recently I spent a year in New Zealand teaching swimming and delivering coach development workshops and mentoring as part of a university placement. Upon returning from New Zealand I researched ‘British Cycling youth coaches perspectives of their role in life skills development’. This highlighted the importance for coaches to undertake professional development opportunities post-coaching courses and my hope for cycling is that we can make this accessible for our volunteer coaches so we can continue to improve the quality of coaching we provide.

I’m always happy to talk through ideas so if you have any questions relating to clubs and coaching in the South region, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Phone: 07534281261