Debs Crokaert

NEG Co-Ordinator

Debs is the South Region Coordinator for the National Escort Group (NEG).  The NEG provides skilled motorcycle marshals for sporting events held on the UK public highway and aims to enhance and maximise the safety for competitors, officials and members of the general public.  The motorcycle marshals compliment static marshals and their duties include marshalling hazards to competitors and warning other road users and the public of an approaching event as well as ensuring the organisers and participants are informed of progress, reporting rule infringements and checking on the route signage.

Debs has been riding motorcycles for 33 years and is passionate about road safety.  Her role includes arranging for trainee marshals to attend race days for training and subsequent qualification.  For each race she will liaise with organisers to determine how many NEG marshals are required and then arrange the marshal team – providing them with all the information required for the race.  As well as organising the South Region NEG team, Debs will also take part as a marshal herself and as part of the wider NEG will also marshal National Events – such as the Women’s and Men’s Tour of Britain.

Debs can appreciate the freedom felt by cyclists, but is no cyclist herself – she much prefers to have the 1400cc engine on her bike!