Andrea Chitty

Breeze Area Co-ordinator - Gloucestershire & Wiltshire

Breeze Area Co-ordinator – Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

I have been cycling for recreational and utility purposes since childhood. There was nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than to get out into the countryside with my siblings free of parents.

Today I still love the freedom that cycling can provide and cycle for all manner of reasons. From towing a cargo trailer on a Friday afternoon to get the groceries to a lovely sunny ride along traffic free paths such as the Strawberry Line in Somerset and the Millenium Coast Path near Llanelli, I still get that feeling of satisfaction from travelling under my own steam. As well as the cycling there comes the mucky stuff such as cleaning and maintaining my bikes. This I love too, finding it quite meditative to clean and look after my bikes.

My involvement with British Cycling started after a conversation with a friend who suggested I train as a Breeze Champion and become an advocate for women’s cycling. I trained in 2017 and since then have led many rides and met some amazing women on wheels who I’m lucky to now count as friends.