Organised Rides

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A Great Way To Start Cycling

Organised events and rides can be a great way to start cycling and there are many different types so there will be something for everyone.

We also have a huge network of quiet roads that are fantastic for road cycling, and many areas benefit from linked off road trails – bridleways and byways – which you’ll find using digital or paper based Ordnance Survey maps. We’ve mapped out the traffic-free places to ride in our region and will look to develop this as we go.

Many of our clubs run great social rides, and are beginner friendly – but also will have some great advice as to what’s available in your local area – do get in touch with your local club.

If you live in Southampton, Swindon, or Bristol, we have a number of routes available on the British Cycling Let’s Ride website that help you get to know your way around those towns and cities, and we’ll work to expand that in future.

We also have a network of Breeze Champions and Guided Ride leaders, who are volunteers that create, promote, and lead fun and friendly rides in their local communities. All current rides can be found on the Let’s Ride website or via the British Cycling Events page. If you’d like to get involved, do get in touch.


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