British Cycling Rider Pathway – Youth Riders

Join a Go-Ride club

British Cycling has a well-structured development pathway for youth cyclists. In the South we have many youth specific “Go-Ride” clubs spread across the whole region where they offer dedicated coaching and events across a range of cycling disciplines (find a club).

Within the South Region, we are really keen to get young riders who are interested on riding on the road to do so.  As such we’ve created a document to help clubs build young riders confidence by facilitating these rides (link)

Volunteering opportunities

Please get in touch if you are a young rider looking to get involved on volunteering.  We run young volunteers courses for free within the region (link) and we also have bursaries available to support aspirational young coaches to gain formal coaching qualifications (for either of these opportunities or more info contact –

First steps into racing

Go-Ride racing offers entry level, fun competition for young riders to gain experience in a competitive environment.  For more info and to find your nearest Go-Ride race, follow this link

If you would like to organise some Go-Ride racing, or would like help promoting your event, please contact your club and coaching officer (

Next steps into racing

Riders who want to enter events beyond Go-Ride racing must have a race licence, follow this link to apply for yours.

You can search for events near you using the event finder here, using the ‘more filters’ button to help narrow your search.  Youth riders can compete in a range of disciplines but aren’t allowed to race on the road.  For riders who want to experience racing road bikes in a group, use the ‘more filters’ to select ‘road closed circuit’ under the ‘type of event’ tab, and then select ‘youth only’ under the ‘event/race classifications’ tab.

Development programmes

For riders looking to continue to build their knowledge of racing and ride regularly with others of similar age and ability, there are opportunities as part of both the British Cycling talent pathway programme and the regional boards Youth Work Group training days and camps.

British Cycling talent development pathway

Development centres are the first step onto the British Cycling talent pathway.  We are currently offer development centre opportunities in BMX, Circuit, Track and MTB (link).

Follow this link for more details on the talent development pathway

For more info please contact your club and coaching officer (

Youth work group training days and camps

The South region and its young riders are very fortunate to have a sub group made up of board members who look to offer further development opportunities.  These are multi discipline events and look to expose riders to different disciplines to further their development (For more info contact – )

Latest news:

2022 School Games (1-4 September)

As a region we have been invited to enter teams into the School Games Final 2022. This is a prestigious, multi-sports event hosted at Loughborough

Castle Combe Easter Classic

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