NEG Motorcycle Marshals

The National Escort Group – NEG

The National Escort Group (NEG) is a highly trained and dedicated group of motorcycle marshals who help keep road racing safe.

Whilst not permitted to stop traffic, they provide a robust and obvious presence on the road such that other road users should be very aware of the approach of a road race. Every road race in the South Region will have some level of NEG.

The NEG grew from a team formed for one of Britain’s great pro races, The Kellogg’s Tour. Out of this it became obvious that such support was needed at major races. The NEG was formed to provide a well trained team of support riders nationwide.

Given the level of responsibility and duty of care to themselves, the cyclists and the general public the qualification process can be quite tough.

All applicants mus hold an advanced qualification (e.g. IAM, ROSPA). As a trainee there is a theory qualification as well the need to gain practical experience before assessment. You must be part of at least three races before being considered for assessment. Ther are then three levels of NEG rider.

The NEG come form a varied background; some are former police officers who have experienced cycle racing, others former racing cyclists who want to contribute to the sport, others with no cycling background at all but who are expert motorcyclists.  All bring different perspectives and talents to the NEG, and all have one straightforward aim, to make road racing as safe as possible and keep the sport on the road.

A typical race day would mean an early start, to arrive just over an hour before race start. A reconnaissance of the circuit to check that nothing has changed from the risk assessment and scout out any difficult sectors, then a briefing. Once the race is under way, all will be linked to race radio for awareness of the race situation. Following the race there is usually an informal debrief – this is where coffee and cake is involved!

Find out about becoming an NEG member on their own web site here: National Escort Group

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