Volunteers – The Life Blood of Cycle Sport

Cycling, like many sports could not exist without tireless passion from countless volunteers.

From clubs, coaches, event organisers, race officials, marshals, the list goes on. In the South we have a thriving network of volunteers but we are always looking for more people. Our sport grows when new people come in to support it.

Just a single road race needs, as well as the organiser; Accredited Marshals to help control the traffic, Commissaires and judges, NEG motorcycle marshals, drivers of the race vehicles, neutral service cars and mechanics, and catering.

Some of these roles will be arranged by the race organisers but some are administered by the Region. In the south we look after the Accredited Marshals, Commissaries and NEG riders.

Our region is geographically quite large and so we need people across the whole region. Each role has different requirements, needs different skills and different levels of commitment. So if you want to give something back or get involved for the first time there is plenty of info on the following pages.

The South Region Accredited Marshals.

National Escort Motorcycle Marshals.


Latest news:

February – Volunteer In Focus

Very many congratulations to Debs Crokaert, who is our February Volunteer In Focus. Debs is currently the Regional National Escort Group Co-ordinator for the South

January – Volunteer In Focus

Our congratulations to Keith “Keefer” Brown and Nicky Pearman (Knightwood BMX) Role: Club Administration; Coaching; Event Organising, and more! “Keefer” – The Knightwood man that,

Thank You & The Way Forward

Our Regional Volunteers Recognition event held last Thursday continues to receive great feedback. Congratulations to our 3 “Wheel of Fortune” winners. The event recognised the