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Cycle Ball World Championships

A team of British cycleball players, all from British Cycling’s South Region, will make their country’s first appearance at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships. Britain has never competed in Cycleball at the World Championships but will compete for the first time against 11 other nations in Ghent this November.

Cycleball, which is similar playing football on bikes, has a long history of competition across Central Europe but is not a discipline which has been present in the UK until now. Players from the Bath and Somerset area have been training since 2018, with coaching and equipment support from Avid Sport and Indoor Cycling World Wide, to arrive at the point where they can represent their nation at a Championship event.

As Cycleball requires a high level of technical skill, players control the ball with the wheels of the bicycle, it can be difficult for new nations to break into the sport. Whilst clubs in Germany have existed for nearly 100 years it is only since 2018 that there has been any coaching in Britain. The players from the Great Britain team have travelled to train with players from Germany on two occasions this year to help provide competition that will help prepare them for the World Championships.

Cycleball is played by teams of two players on an indoor court and with team captain Mark Percival (30) joined in the squad for the tournament in Ghent by three young players (Jenson Harris – 18, Nico Galbreath – 16 and Dylan Cherruault – 16) the team is looking to continue to build their skills towards the 2023 World Championships that will take place on home soil in Glasgow next August.

The 2022 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships will take place from 4th-6th November and there will be a live stream of the event available via YouTube. The Great Britain team will be competing in Group B with matches on the first two days of the competition. The current defending champions are Germany who beat Switzerland in the final at last year’s tournament in Stuttgart.


Pictured (left to right): Mark Percival; Jenson Harris; Felix Young