Thank You & The Way Forward

Our Regional Volunteers Recognition event held last Thursday continues to receive great feedback. Congratulations to our 3 “Wheel of Fortune” winners. The event recognised the importance and esteem in which all of our Region’s Volunteers are held, whether nominated or not.

Having reflected on success, we look forward to our new 2022 cycling events calendar – in which several cycling categories are already off and pedalling. Our Cyclo-Cross season is coming to a close, while our traditional Road events season also starts very soon with the Perfs Pedal Race on 13th February at Southwick; our plans for volunteer recruitment for this and other events are now well advanced.

Our recently-recruited Regional Events Officer, Dan Coast, has started to implement several new procedures for the setting of events in our Regional Events Calendar. In no small part, this is part of the broader Development Strategy by British Cycling to increase cycling opportunities across all categories, age-groups and genders whilst, simultaneously, making sure that the support requirements of all the events are properly met in good time and at the right level of quality to ensure safety and security. The pursuance of COVID Guidelines obviously forms part of this process – by now, this is not new to most of us and will continue to be a consideration for the foreseeable future.

Your Regional Board, along with many other volunteers, is also well advanced with Workgroups in place covering all cycling disciplines, governance and communication. These Workgroups are striving to produce innovative development plans along with budget requirements. This will help to ensure that there are agreed financial resources behind our development plans to help in their successful delivery. We welcome input from any South Region member who would like to become involved/input into Workgroups and look out in your inbox for the draft Regional Plan which we’ll be sending out for comment, in February.

Very shortly, our Regional Workgroups working closely with our Regional Staff led by Ruth Miller, will produce Events Calendars covering our cycling activities across all categories. Our Regional Board will also be hosting a “Meet & Greet” event – hopefully, a face-to-face event rather than an online session. Whilst we have all become familiar with “Zoom” and “Teams” – they don’t fully allow the social interaction that is so important for our sport. COVID Guidelines notwithstanding, we hope to offer all our Region’s Members a chance to come and chat with their elected Regional Board representatives.

And so, back to basics. Now is the time for all of our volunteers to get involved and we very much look forward to your continued support for the 2022/23 season. We have put 2 new training events in our diary for Accredited Marshals and we are promoting the new online Commissaire training courses across all disciplines, and we continue to offer bursary schemes for coaches, in particular looking to develop more young people and women. Expect more of the same to follow.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns relating to the cycling season ahead, or the part that you might be able to play, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Linda Cantelo: BC South Region Board Member – Workgroups Coordination


Norman Webb: BC South Region Treasurer


Ruth Miller: BC South Region Cycling Delivery Manager


Dan Coast: BC South Region Events Officer