Breeze Ride Leadership

On Saturday, we held a ride leadership course for a fantastic group of women in the north of our region. Currently, just 2% of the coaching workforce are from a minority ethnic background, 22% are female and 5% are under 30, and we need to address that together. Here’s what the tutor had to say:
“Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of training a multi-cultural group of Gloucester-based women to be qualified British Cycling ride leaders.
New considerations for me (one woman heavily pregnant, another breast-feeding her 5-month old, need to incorporate prayer time into the schedule), and I loved the learning I got from embracing these factors.
Long drive back in the dark after an intensive couple of days, but worth every minute.”
Watch this space for more…
Photos: Courtesy Andrea Chitty, Breeze Area Coordinator, who will be supporting these women with their development.