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South Region Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the South Region is to be held on Thursday 16th September 2021.

This year because of Covid restrictions the meeting will be held by virtual call. Registration for the meeting is required to get the log in details. This can be made  by contacting the regional team here.

The meeting will commence at 19.30 PM and links to join the meeting will be sent to you via your registration.

We are very interested in your views and any support that could be on offer to support across all the cycling disciplines is always welcomed. We here in the South are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of individuals that volunteer their time to continue to support all ages and all abilities of riders. The work groups are now established and if you want to hear more or be involved, we would welcome this.

The meeting is open to all members to attend, with voting restricted to those as defined in Byelaw 5. We are seeking nominations for Regional Board members for 2021/22 and beyond. More information on the role of the Board and its membership can be found in the Terms of Reference, and you can get in touch with the regional team here to discuss.

We are always keen to find areas of improvements and for that reason the South Region Board invites any propositions for Agenda items to be raised at the AGM along with amendments to Byelaws by Monday 30th August 2021  – If accepted by two -thirds of votes cast by registered delegates on the day these  can then be submitted for inclusion at the Annual Meeting of the National Council. Any suggestions should be sent to the regional team here.

Club representation at the Annual meeting will be in accordance with Byelaw 5.

All attendees must be current members of British Cycling. Please support these meetings as our regions is important to us and your views are most welcome and encouraged.

Your sincerely

Michele Murphy British Cycling South Region secretary