Commissaire Focus – Alastair MacKinlay

“For the Southern XC Adam (Adam Buckland, the organiser) asked if I’d do a video, and I did, but standing in front of a camera and telling people something for 2 mins was a little dull, so for the next round I thought I’d do something different and did the main points whilst out on a local ride. I’ve never had so many folk tell me at an event that they’ve watched and enjoyed a briefing! Sure, I felt like a bit of a plank doing it and I’m not a fan of watching myself, but if it helps folk get the message and have a better race, I’m game.”

Alistair’s video: https://www.facebook.com/Southernxc/posts/3872902542828050

Generally I’d say to anyone on the fence about coming back to officiating, or who have worries – try not to stress about it. Maybe, firstly work with an organiser you know and trust in order for you to feel most comfortable, with other commissaires you know and trust too. As I said before, largely the commissaire role hasn’t changed. We have to be more mindful of how we do it and adapt our ways a little, but so long as everyone has a safe and fair race, that’s what really matters. Do remember, that enforcing social distance and such isn’t the commissaire’s role, so don’t stress about the odd few people that don’t do as asked. That’s life. Focus on those that are racing and enjoying being back at it. The little lad at last Sunday’s Southern XC who came up to me after the event and thanked me for making his day with a great race was the most lovely thing, and that’s why we all do it.

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