Map of BC South boundaries

Website goes live!

We have been aware for some time that not everyone has access to Facebook and that communications via our Twitter and Instagram accounts are often incomplete and inevitably relies upon a Facebook link to expand the information. With these factors taken into consideration, we are happy to announce a dedicated website for the South Region:
The website has been a while in construction and our Region has benefited enormously from the focus and effort that both Peter Georgi and James Randell put into its inception over a protracted period and more recently to finesse the design to improve clarity and ease of navigation. The intention is to provide up to date information on a range of activities and the go to place for results for each of the cycling disciplines within our Region. To ensure a continuity of message, any communication on the website will have elements posted on our other social media platforms as and when deemed necessary – invariably on Twitter and Instagram this will be a picture, a short explanation and the relevant link back to the website.
This is the website for our Region and we welcome any contributions for the relevant drop-down menus and particularly from organisers with results of their events (and a pic(s) if possible). Any submissions should be directed to: