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April – Volunteer In Focus

Having highlighted the work of our young volunteers, our Zwift Community leads, and advocates of women’s club cycling growth, this month we shine a light on the BMX community and Bristol-based coach and


Champion Emma Downey! 🙌👍

Emma has been instrumental in ensuring that women and girls who had started with BMXercise in Bristol remained engaged through such a tough year whether that is by online calls and activities, one on one rides or groups rides (when allowed). She has also been supportive in getting further BMXercise sessions starting in Bristol, as well as Teen/Mini BMXercise to engage younger girls into cycling and BMX. Nice one Emma! 👍😁😄🙌
BMXercise is fun, friendly and fitness-based BMXing for women, and we have a growing number of sessions across the South led by our clubs and BMX coaches. If you’re interested in setting up some BMXercise sessions at your club or local track, you can find out more about it via the links, or contact one of the team!
More on the BMXercise initiative is here https://www.accesssport.org.uk/bmxercise
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Bournemouth Bmx Club
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